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Our Approach

using data to deliver results

At Realtytics, we believe in the power of real estate as a reliable and lucrative investment opportunity. Our primary focus is on creating a robust portfolio of long-term rentals built on a unique business model that leverages value-add distressed properties. We specialize in implementing two proven strategies: property flipping and the BRRRR method (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat).

With an acute understanding of the real estate market, we strategically identify value-add distressed properties that possess great potential. These properties serve as the foundation for our investment endeavors.

Our first strategy involves property flipping. We recognize that not all properties align with the BRRRR method. In such cases, we leverage our expertise in property flipping to generate immediate income. By carefully selecting distressed properties with untapped potential, we transform them into lucrative assets through strategic renovations and targeted marketing. Through our extensive network and market knowledge, we swiftly flip these properties, creating value and generating attractive returns.

In addition to property flipping, we actively employ the BRRRR method, a comprehensive and proven approach to long-term rental success. This strategy allows us to acquire distressed properties, rehabilitate them to meet market demands, secure, reliable tenants, and subsequently refinance the property based on its increased value. By repeating this process, we continually expand our portfolio of cash-flowing rentals and create a sustainable stream of income.

At Realtytics, we take pride in our commitment to integrity, transparency, and professionalism. Our team of seasoned real estate professionals possesses a deep understanding of the industry, enabling us to make informed decisions that yield optimal results.

Join us at Realtytics as we navigate the real estate landscape, employing both property flipping and the BRRRR method to build a robust and diverse portfolio of long-term rentals. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and embark on a successful journey together.

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