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208 E 30th St Sioux Falls SD 57105 flip

Our chosen property in Sioux Falls holds a special place in the historic McKennan Park district, renowned as the city’s oldest and most treasured park. Nestled in this highly sought-after neighborhood, it offers an exceptional location for those seeking proximity to downtown living.

Originally, the house was a charming two-bedroom, one-bathroom ranch home with an unfinished basement, spanning 900 square feet. Recognizing its untapped potential, Realtytics embarked on a transformative journey to unlock its hidden value. By carefully crafting a vision, we embarked on a project to expand and enhance the dwelling, resulting in a stunning four-bedroom, two-bathroom home. The finished basement added an extra touch of functionality, providing an additional 900 square feet of livable space. In total, the property now boasts an impressive 1,800 square feet of comfortable and stylish living.

This remarkable transformation showcases our commitment to maximizing value and creating homes that meet the desires and needs of modern homeowners. With careful attention to detail and a passion for revitalizing properties, we have created a truly idyllic home in one of Sioux Falls’ most coveted neighborhoods. Experience the perfect blend of historic charm and contemporary living in this extraordinary McKennan Park residence.



with a finished basement and additional bathroom…

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